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Lou Souleio

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isabelle SAYER a mis à jour son calendrier le 08 mai 2019

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Visité en août 2017

Hi Isabelle,

We enjoyed our stay in your house in Joucas very much. It is a magnificent place to spend your holidays, especially the scenery from the terras.
Most of us will leave at 07:00, but my son is flexible and will stay until the handover to Emeline.
Once again thank you and best regards,


Visité en juin 2017

Chere Madame Sayer,
we had a very pleasant stay at your house in the last two weeks. Perfect weather, nice excursions.
All was fine. Touria also was already there yesterday morning early, so we can get on the road in time and did have a good return.
We love your house very much.

We wish you a nice Sunday.

Bien cordialement

Visité en juillet 2015

Chere Isabelle,
We had a very good stay in your house in Joucas. Thanks for the welcome surprise.
Everything was well arranged. The lady who did the supervision treated us very well. She even came back in the middle of first week to ask if everything was ok. As the pool was a bit green, she even arranged that the pool boy passed by to do an extra cleaning and check.
So many thanks.


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